Monday, March 24, 2008

But Everybody Is Doing It!!

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Friday, January 4, 2008

Doing It For Attention

Well, how many of you know someone who you think is doing something for attention? If you think about it, does it really matter? Whether someone is doing something for attention or not there is still a problem with that person don't you think?

Saturday, December 15, 2007

The Hero Stranger

What is a Hero Stranger you must be thinking! This is the guy who prays on young vulnerable girls who desperately needs a hero in her life. These creeps fill a void in a girls life, lets say a young girl lives in a very abusive home, she is neglected, feels she has no body who cares about her. She goes on line one night, and starts to chat with this really sweet guy who totally understands her, and knows how she feels in whatever it is she is going through in her life. He is a stranger who is comforting and caring. She becomes engulfed in his friendship and can't wait to chit chat with him on line everyday. He has the right answers, starts to convince her that she should meet him in person. By now he has her convinced it's okay, she has been talking to him for weeks now, she knows him so well so it's safe to meet him, he is her friend after all...

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Your Independence

I have been a very independent person, for as long as I can remember I did for myself, my parents raised us to work for what you want and have, they instilled those independent values in us, but I also look back on my life and when I was 10 years old my childhood came to an end due to a traumatic event, (you all should know what that was if you are reading the posts) anyway...


Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Taking Care of Yourself

Okay, enough with the depessing stuff! Lets talk about why it's so important to start taking care of your face now! I must be honest here, I am very vain, always was, still am! I knew I was preety when I was young and I learned how to use it to my advatage, and believe me..I did, still do! I am 40ish and I got proofed for cigarettes in CVS, and I got proofed for beer in Whittys!
So I guess taking care of my skin all my life is now paying off, when it matters the most, or well, now is when it is startingto matter the most. Girls I can't stress this enough to you! You will be mebefore you know it, I can't believe I am 40ish already, the time went so fast, I feel like I just graduated last week! No kidding I can't believe how fast I got here. You will to, so you must act today, to benefit tomorrow.

Saturday, October 20, 2007


This has to be one of the most important issues that you will face, I have 10 year old Daughter and I consider her Self~Esteem like I would a precious Gem, I never had that, so I never had much Self~Esteem. Nothing I did was good enough, I felt like I was a nothing most of my life and now at the age of 42 I fight to have any Self worth. So I know first had how important is to start my Daughters life with making sure she has a good Self Esteem. If you don't have any Self Esteem now, you will not have it in your future, and believe me, it's a lot harder to fix something when you are in your Forties, (and you will get there faster then you think), and the decisions you make now will effect who you are when you are an adult. You do not want to be a Forty year old women with low self esteem, because realizing this then and trying to fix it is very hard, you get used to it, it becomes normal to you, it's the way you have always been, so change is hard at the age of 40, hey, it's hard at the age of 30! So I want you to do something now, and have the chance to fix it before it leads you down the wrong paths, low self esteem will cause you to make poor decisions, you will be more apt to end up with a Punkass boyfriend and possibly Husband who treats you poorly, and you will tolerate it because you don't think you deserve any better.

Your Personal Spa

O-Kay! Lets go to the Spa! Now this can be fun and a great habit to get used to. You can do this three times a week, or every night it's up to you but do this at least once a week, the sooner you start doing your Spa Ritual the more you will be getting used to it.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Physical/Mental Abuse

Okay this one is going to be hard for me, I am going to dig up some painful memories of my first marriage, BUT! if by doing this it brings awareness in how to prevent any of you from falling into this ""subtle trapped cycle of abuse", then it is worth digging up. I referred to this as a "subtle tapped Cycle"for a reason, basically because that is what it is, the relationship develops and everything is so wonderful at first, he treats you like you are the only person in the world, like a precious piece of crystal, and you fall for him, you fall hard, he is everything to you, you found your Prince charming, especially if things at home are tough, he is your support, where you go for comfort and he gives it to you, he gets you to feel like he is all you have, and the trap begins... And the day comes, you have your first fight, Then it happens! He hauls off and hits you! You just stand there in shock, not knowing at first what just happened, your mind is going so fast with thoughts, you can't process that the love of your life, your Prince charming just did what he did, then it sinks in and the shock goes away and you start to cry, not knowing if you are crying because he hit you and the side of your face feels like it's on fire, or because you can't believe he did it! Then he falls all over himself saying how sorry he is, that he can't believe he just did that, and begging for your forgiveness, some will even cry! He brings you flowers, does whatever he feels necessary to get you to forgive him, he'll swear it will never happen again, he loves you so much. And you do, you forgive him, and you find yourself lying to your family and friends about how you got that hug bruise on the side of your face.

why are you hurting yourself

This post is especially important,
I wonder why someone would cut themselves. Some people say that it is to "get attention." First, I don't believe this, I say this because why do people who cut themselves wear long sleeve shirts? To hide that they are doing it that's why! They feel ashamed and guilty after doing it. They are very harshly self-critical of themselves, again, goes back to low or no self esteem! I read of one girl who used to cut herself she would deliberately cut herself in more hidden places than on her arms, she would cut herself on the top of her legs, thinking no one would see. This girl did not want attention, in fact, she wants just the opposite. She wants to be left alone. She was raised in an extremely controlling, but neglectful and abusive home and at school, she felt alone an outcast, she thought no one liked her and that she did not fit in. She was frightened, invalidated and disrespected and felt alone.
It is not about getting attention.
when people say someone is doing something to "get attention" they seem to imply that there is nothing really wrong and therefore we should just ignore the person and not think about it as anything serious, or consider it a phase that will be outgrown. I believe that if someone who cuts themselves was given healthy attention while they were small they would be less likely to cut themselves as an adolescent.
The more I research this the more clearly I see why they cut.....

This a sad but great poem by Elia Wise you must read it!!
Broken Child

Sexual Abuse

This post is a big one for me, this issue hits close to my heart, I can big time relate to this issue because I was raped when I was 10. Do you know that it took me most of my life to be able to say that so freely?! Times were different then, in the 70's and all. Society was different you didn't talk about things like that as freely as you can now a days. And for as far as knowledge? Or any preventive information concerning rape, well, there just wasn't any. I choose to include this issue in this blog, and share what happened to me because I want to spread as much preventive information to as many young girls as I possibly can. Then I can have some closure on my rape, the guy haunted me my whole life, in my mind and in my real life, he never paid for it (well I believe the Universe gave me justice, he's a junkie) and I know he did this to other girls, so by keeping just one young girl from being raped is worth talking about it.

Depression & Suicidal Thoughts

What really worries me is so many Teens consider suicide to deal with their problems. If you even entertain such a notion then you are also dealing with a severe form of depression, which was most likely brought on by so kind of trauma that you suffered, or you have a chemical imbalance. Either way you need to tell someone! Because these thoughts might not be in your control and being caused by a low chemical in your brain called seratonin and not what you truly want! Although you think this is what you want, I don't think it is. Most people who think of "ending it all" as a solution, they are not thinking with their right mind, hey, listen, I don't mean for that to sound like I'm being mean here! What I am saying is not thinking in their right mind means they most likely have a low seratonin level and it is not something that will fix itself or just go away, what you a feeling and thinking is coming from a bigger problem then what you think.
The reason you feel this way can be treated with medication, it will help the low chemicals in your brain level off or bring them in to balance.